Cauliflower Seed

Cauliflower is cultivated much like cabbage and broccoli, both of which are close relatives. Plant indoors 1/4 in deep in loose warm soil (70 F) until the seed germinate, and then keep cooler (around 60 F). Transplant after last frost, about 5-6 weeks after germination or when there are 6 to 8 leaves. Do not wait too long to transplant or it may affect performance later on. Cauliflower needs a rich, consistently moist soil, with a ph of at least 6. Typical of this family of plants they prefer cooler conditions.

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Cauliflower Seeds, Celio (Romanesco) F1 Hybrid

Truly a special cauliflower, and one of the few hybrid romanesco types available. Celio has the exq..


Cauliflower Seeds, Early Tuscan

Large round white cauliflower from Tuscany. Excellent leaf coverage for protected heads. Flavor is a..


Cauliflower Seeds, Giant Of Naples Early

Early season strain of the famous Giant Naples cauliflower. Grows a large, very tight, white, inflo..


Cauliflower Seeds, Giant Of Naples Marzatico

One of the finest open-pollinated snowball varieties available. Very short stalk and abundant foliag..


Cauliflower Seeds, Graffiti F1 Hybrid

Many consider this to be the finest of the hybrid purple cauliflowers. Strong growth and production,..


Cauliflower Seeds, Marches Green

Medium to early Italian variety. A wonderful lime green cauliflower but with a rounded head. An heir..


Cauliflower Seeds, Precoce di Jesi

Very unusual old Italian variety that is early and tasty. This unique cauliflower has a snowball sha..


Cauliflower Seeds, Romanesco Natalino

Extremely hardy and wonderful Romanesco type of cauliflower, mid-season, with the classic pine-cone ..


Cauliflower Seeds, Romanesco Ottobrino

A very fine early season Romanesco for the specialty and baby vegetable grower. Pine cone shaped hea..


Cauliflower Seeds, Romanesco S Giuseppe

This is an original Heirloom Italian strain of romanesco cauliflower. This has a rich, nutty taste, ..


Cauliflower Seeds, Sicilian Violet

Authentic original Italian purple headed cauliflower that is not as bright of a neon purple in color..