Vegetables C-D

Vegetables C-D

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Cauliflower Seeds, Romanesco S Giuseppe

This is an original Heirloom Italian strain of romanesco cauliflower. This has a rich, nutty taste, ..


Cauliflower Seeds, Sicilian Violet

Authentic original Italian purple headed cauliflower that is not as bright of a neon purple in color..


Celeriac Seeds, Giant Prague

Large celeriac well known since 1871. Large smooth roots with white flesh and sweet flavor for stews..


Celeriac Seeds, Monarch

Earlier than most varieties and a very rare find. An autumn/early winter vegetable. Monarch is consi..


Celeriac Seeds, Verona White

Northern Italian Celeriac known for consistent production of white skinned roots. Traditionally grow..


Celery Seeds, D'Elne

Erect, medium-tall, compact celery, with bright green leaves and full, fleshy stalks which bleach by..


Celery Seeds, Dorato D'Asti

A beautiful self-blanching celery, Dorato D'Asti is yellowish green on the stems and also the base o..


Celery Seeds, for Cutting (da Taglio)

This is a seasoning celery that does not produce an enlarged stalk. Da Taglio is even more aromatic ..


Celery Seeds, Giant Pascal

Suitable for large production, Pascal keeps well for winter. A celery you may see at your local mark..


Celery Seeds, Gigante Di Romagna

A Dark Green with slightly lighter color at the base celery, Gigante Di Romagna is a large framed ce..


Celery Seeds, Golden Spartan

A beautiful pale-colored celery, Golden Spartan will often have touches of yellow-gold in the stems ..


Celery Seeds, Peppermint Stick

A beautiful pinkish to red streaked-colored stalk of celery, Peppermint Stick is not red like many E..


Chicory - Radicchio Seeds Mix

A mix of 7 various varieties of chicory/radicchio, particularly suitable for cutting, baby, and micr..


Chicory Root Seeds, Di Soncino

Very fine and unusual upright catalogna chicory, with serrated medium green leaves and distinctive r..


Chicory Seeds, Agrio Red Stem

Agrio is not a totally red stem chicory like Italiko Rosso, but rather is slightly streaky and passe..