Vegetables C-D

Vegetables C-D

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Carrot Seeds, Atomic Red

This delightful carrot has large, bright red roots up to 11 inches long. An additional benefit is th..


Carrot Seeds, Berlicum 2

A tried and true gourmet European carrot. This premium strain is a mid-late variety with long cyndri..


Carrot Seeds, Chantenay Red Cored 2

A favorite for those with heavier soils, Chantenay has a rich, full-bodied carrot flavor, nicely swe..


Carrot Seeds, Cosmic Purple

Cosmic Purple is a great addition to meet the growing demand for purple carrots. Smooth purple skin ..


Carrot Seeds, Flakkee 2 Autumn King

A particularly wonderful, high-yield carrot, equally suitable for both home & for large-scale grower..


Carrot Seeds, Juane De Doubs

Original yellow heirloom strain from Europe. Old World type of yellow carrots that used to be the st..


Carrot Seeds, Kuroda

This is a fairly early carrot that hails from Asia. The conical roots are sweet and crisp, and very..


Carrot Seeds, Little Finger

One of the most popular varieties of baby or 'mini' carrots. Tender, sweet miniature carrots are ide..


Carrot Seeds, Lunar White

This wonderful white carrot is nearly coreless, with a nicely mild flavor. It is a large carrot at u..


Carrot Seeds, Muscade

From North Africa, Muscade has blocky roots, nearly cylindrical. Richly flavored and colored, with ..


Carrot Seeds, Nantes 2

A terrific half-length(6in) carrot, cylindrical, with a thin collar, highly prized for its earliness..


Carrot Seeds, Nantes 5 ORGANIC

Suitable for sprout use or vegetable cultivation. Very rich in carotene (vitamin A) and vitamins B1 ..


Carrot Seeds, Nantese Prima

As its name implies, Prima is a premium improved strain of the Nantese-type carrots. Very consisten..


Carrot Seeds, Parisian Market

An improved variety giving a good round shape with a relatively smooth skin and early maturity. Smoo..


Carrot Seeds, Purple Dragon Organic

Purple Dragon is the best tasting Purple Carrot on the marketplace. It has a relatively thin Purple ..