Vegetables C-D

Vegetables C-D

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Savoy Cabbage Seeds, d'Aubervilliers

This heirloom French savoy type cabbage is early and large. Closed head with wonderful crinkled leav..


Savoy Cabbage Seeds, di Piacenza

Highly recommended Italian cabbage with a large tightly formed head, cold tolerant, with dark green ..


Savoy Cabbage Seeds, di Verona

Popular Italian savoy cabbage with a pink flush to the head. One of the finest for market due to bot..


Savoy Cabbage Seeds, January King 3

January King is the traditional British Savoy King of December/January harvest. It is slow growing a..


Savoy Cabbage Seeds, Testa Di Ferro

A prized Italian strain also known as the "Ironhead Savoy". Small heads about 3 lbs each are highly ..


Savoy Cabbage Seeds, Vertus 2

Widely grown French savoy cabbage, with a large, tightly formed head on top of a 6-8 in/15-20cm stem..


Sweet Corn Seeds, Ambrosia F1 Hybrid

This is a terrific early season bi-color SE sweet corn. Nicely sweet and flavorful, it is known for..


Sweet Corn Seeds, Country Gentleman Shoepeg

Heirloom white sweet corn known to produce large ears of up to 4 or 5 to a stalk depending on soil c..


Sweet Corn Seeds, Golden Beauty Hybrid

Around for decades, Golden Beauty is a wonderful hybrid sweet corn, awarded as an AAS winner in 1955..


Sweet Corn Seeds, Kandy Krisp F1 Hybrid

We don't often get excited about many of the newer hybrids, because to get increased sweetness or ot..


Sweet Corn Seeds, Silver 'n Gold F1 Hybrid

A delightful SE-type bi-color early-season corn, Silver'n Gold has an excellent balance of sweet to ..


Sweet Corn Seeds, Stowell's Evergreen

Introduced in 1848 by Nathan Stowell of New Jersey, many still consider this to be the king of white..