Bean - Bush Snap

Bean - Bush Snap

Bush Snap Bean Seed

Snap beans are often referred to as 'green' beans due to their fresh use whole, pod and all. Harvest when tender and young, or a bit more mature just as the shape of the beans inside begin to show, but don't allow them to get too mature or they'll lose their flavor and tenderness. Bush beans (called 'dwarf' beans in Europe) are popular for their more compact size, and concentrated harvest. Bean seed should be planted about 1 inch deep in rows 2-3 feet apart. Best germination is achieved when soil temperatures are 70-90 F. SPECIAL CAUTION: Untreated bean seed is particularly susceptible to failure if planted in soil that is too cool or wet. Because of the concentrated harvest of bush beans, you can extend your season by sowing successive crops 2-3 weeks apart.

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