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Lima Bean Seeds, King Of Garden

A very popular, old fashioned lima bean. The pods contain 4 or 5 cream colored flat beans each. Reco..


Pole Bean Seeds, Anellino Giallo

This is a wonderful yellow version of the famous 'shrimp' beans of southern Europe, known for their ..


Pole Bean Seeds, Blauhilde

This Heirloom German bean has beautiful purple pods, easy to see when picking. They are green when c..


Pole Bean Seeds, Blue Lake Black Seeded

Not as common here in the U.S. among the many seed companies, but a bit later and larger than the wh..


Pole Bean Seeds, Blue Lake White Seeded

Incredibly popular, this bean has been grown for years and is still considered by many to be the sta..


Pole Bean Seeds, Di Spagna Bianco

(Bean of Spain White Seeded) This bean produces broad, flat vivid green pods, with large white seeds..


Pole Bean Seeds, Hilda

This unusual 'sword' bean is terrific with its abundant production of exceptionally large and very f..


Pole Bean Seeds, Lingua Di Fuoco

Tasty high yielding borlotto beans, with a creamy color that ripens to white with red speckles, givi..


Pole Bean Seeds, Marconi A Grano Bianco (Romano)

Marconi A Grano Bianco is another particularly fine selection of the famous climbing Italian Romano ..


Pole Bean Seeds, Marvel Of Venice

The finest yellow climbing Romano bean, famous for its large, tender, 8-9" long, 3/4" wide, flat pod..


Pole Bean Seeds, Neckargold

Long flattened yellow pole bean, slim and crisp with that outstanding pole bean flavor. Our seed str..


Pole Bean Seeds, Stortino di Trento

One of the rarest of the Italian beans, and most unusual of the Anellino type "Shrimp Beans", with s..


Pole Bean Seeds, Supermarconi (Romano)

This is considered by many to be the finest climbing Italian Romano bean of the Marconi line. Vigoro..


Runner Bean Seeds, Prizewinner

Prizewinner has beautiful violet-black specked beans with wonderfully ornamental blossoms on very vi..