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Edamame Soybean Seeds, Lucky Lion

This wonderful snacking soybean is known for its delightful, nutty flavor and strong yields. Typica..


Fava Bean Seeds, Delle Cascine

(long farmhouse) Very well-known Italian fava bean prized for its production of numerous broad, very..


Fava Bean Seeds, Extra Precoce Violetto

(Extra early with violet seed) Medium vigor Italian fava bean with an erect stalk. Hardy, this fava ..


Fava Bean Seeds, Extra Precoce White

(extra early with white seed) Medium vigor Italian fava bean with an erect stalk. Hardy, this fava h..


Fava Bean Seeds, Masterpiece

Masterpiece is probably the finest quality English green seeded Fava Bean - Broad Bean in Britain. T..


Fava Bean Seeds, Superaguadulce Morocco

This is a premium flavor and very large size bean Fava Bean variety. There are usually 7-10 beans pe..


Fava Bean Seeds, Superaguadulce Superlonga

Another selection from the Superaquadulce family. These large and flavorful beans are on a tall plan..


Fava Bean Seeds, Supersimonia variety Samba

Supersimonia Samba is a Supersimonia type Fva that has been selected for added productivity. Vigorou..


Lentil Seeds, French Blue (du Puy) ORGANIC

This is a wonderful small lentil with a deep, rich blue-green color. Considered a must for gourmet s..


Lentil Seeds, Petite Crimson ORGANIC

The rich orange - red coloring gives this fine lentil its name. Crimson tends to soften when cooked,..


Lima Bean Seeds, del Papa

This classic Lima Bean from Italy is terrific. We are the only source in North America...


Lima Bean Seeds, Dixie Speckled Butterpea

Wonderful small, round lima that is a must for true southern cooking. Long a standard, easy to grow ..


Lima Bean Seeds, Florida Speckled Butterbean

Wonderful pole bean with 4 beans to a pod. Handles hot humid weather well and an abundant producer. ..


Lima Bean Seeds, Fordhook 242

Easier to shell and harvest than most lima beans, sweet, tender, and early. Sets loads of plump whi..