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Vegetables A-B

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Rapini - Broccoli Raab Seeds, Del Trasimeno

A delightful broccoli raab, particularly cold tolerant. From the region around the resort Lake Tras..


Rapini - Broccoli Raab Seeds, Novantina

One of the latest of standard large sprouted 'Rapa' and one of the largest. Later harvest provides f..


Rapini - Broccoli Raab Seeds, Quarantina

The quickest of the broccoli raabs to harvest, yet still with great flavor. Great for short season a..


Rapini - Broccoli Raab Seeds, Riccia di S. Marzano

A wonderful and unique Italian rapini with leaves curled at the tip, it reaches production within 60..


Rapini - Broccoli Raab Seeds, Sessantina

A standard large rapa that reaches production within 60 days or so from sowing. Although actually m..


Rapini - Broccoli Raab Seeds, Toscana

The Rapa from "Tuscany". One of the finer early "Cima di Rapa" known for excellent shoots and strong..


Runner Bean Seeds, Prizewinner

Prizewinner has beautiful violet-black specked beans with wonderfully ornamental blossoms on very vi..


Turnip Greens Seeds, Senza Testa

This is a turnip grown primarily for the excellence of its 'greens' or leaf production. The high qua..


Turnip Seeds, Pistoiese

This terrific multi-use turnip hails from the Tuscan region. Whether you grow it for the greens, th..