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Amaranth Seeds, All Red Leaf

Amaranth has roots in Asian, Chinese, Mediterranean, and Native American cuisine and culture. This ..


Asparagus Bean Seeds, Bacello

A top-notch, red-seeded strain of the famous 'yard-long' beans. Vigorous and easy to grow, these pla..


Asparagus Bean Seeds, Mosaic

This variety of asparagus bean has purple, red and green colors creating a mottled or 'mosaic' patte..


Asparagus Bean Seeds, Red Noodle

This is an exceptional red variety of asparagus bean. Edible pods are dark green when cooked, tender..


Basil Seeds, Thai ORGANIC

A distinctive, unusual Basil with a light spicy flavor. As its name implies, commonly used in Asian ..


Braising Stir-fry Seeds Mix

This is a great mix of different brassicas well-suited for use as mixed greens for braising or stir-..


Chinese Cabbage Seeds, Kasumi F1 Hybrid

The finest hybrid of the Napa type cabbages. Best tolerance to bolting of any Napa type we know of. ..


Chinese Cabbage Seeds, Michihili

Classic tall light green and white heads. A must for many Asian dishes, but the nice texture and fl..


Garlic Chives Seeds, Tai Jui

Garlic Chives are a perennial bulbous plant a bit more like Leeks than Onions or Garlic with strap-s..


Kailaan Seeds (Chinese Kale or Broccoli)

This popular Chinese selection is grown for its stalks and leaves, and has white flowers. Prefers co..


Lemon Grass Seeds

With a lemony flavor and fragrance, the long, thin, gray-green leaves are critical to Thai and many ..


Mizuna Ruby Streaks Seeds

Very pretty green for both baby and braising/cooking purposes. The Red and Green colors on the tops ..


Mizuna Seeds ORGANIC

Extremely mild, yet definitely a mustard flavor. Tastes great in salads even for those that dislike ..


Mustard Seeds, Tokyo Bekana

Recommended for thick sowing and harvest of deliciously sweet, tender-crispy, baby leaves that add a..


Pak Choi Seeds

Pak Choi is a standard green for use in a wide range of Asian dishes. Often picked while the leaves..