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Vegetable Seed

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Bush Bean Seeds, Borlotto Lingua Di Fuoco

Bush version of the Italian bean much in demand and prized for its 'Tongue of Fire' red pods up to 8..


Bush Bean Seeds, Coco Bianco

Famous heirloom from Italy, these round fat beans are wonderful in soups, stews, and for baking. A p..


Bush Bean Seeds, Contender

This wonderful heirloom bean has been around for many years, and yet is still a favorite of home and..


Bush Bean Seeds, Dall Occhio Black Eyed

A wonderful and elusive small kidney shaped bean. Also known as "ambelofassoula" in Greece. Looks al..


Bush Bean Seeds, Fructidor ORGANIC

Fructidor is a high-quality yellow wax bean with strong production of straight, tender, nicely-flavo..


Bush Bean Seeds, Garrafal Enana

This rare red seeded and string-less Romano bean is known in Europe for its flavor and the heavy cro..


Bush Bean Seeds, Golden Brittle Wax

This heirloom has long been the most popular of the yellow wax varieties, with vigorous production o..


Bush Bean Seeds, Hildora

Excellent yellow French filet bean. Stringless with creamy yellow pods. Early and prolific, for use ..


Bush Bean Seeds, Lingot Cannellini

Lingot is considered a to be a premium strain of cannellini bean. This bean is very well-known in Eu..


Bush Bean Seeds, Lingua Di Fuoco Geo Organic

This is a premium organic selection of the famous Borlotto Shelling Bean, 'Lingua di Fuoco', great f..


Bush Bean Seeds, Marconi Black Seeded (Romano)

Early wonderful heirloom bush Romano flat bean. This is the highly regarded black seeded variety tho..


Bush Bean Seeds, Marconi White Seeded (Romano)

Wonderful white-seeded Italian Romano direct from Italy known for its much finer flavor compared to ..


Bush Bean Seeds, Marvel of Piedmont

Marvel of Piedmont is a very productive and flavorful snap bean. The pale yellow pods are streaked ..


Bush Bean Seeds, Maxi

Early French Filet teepee type bean where the pods form above the leaves, keeping them clean and in ..