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Vegetable Seed

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Cucumber Seeds, Hokus

A smaller gherkin type cucumber with mixed flowers that is excellent for outdoor cultivation as long..


Cucumber Seeds, Iznik F1 Hybrid

This is a terrific and very rare find that originates from Turkey. Compact, nearly bush-form plants..


Cucumber Seeds, Lemon ORGANIC

An heirloom that was introduced in 1894 by Samuel Wilson of Mechanicsville, Pennsylvania. Similar in..


Cucumber Seeds, Long China (degli Ortolani)

Cucumber producing a typical fruit up to 14-18inches/40-50cm long. Wonderful flavor, sweet. Also kno..


Cucumber Seeds, Mandurian Round

Originating in Asia, this interesting little cucumber (botanically a melon) is a recently discovered..


Cucumber Seeds, Marketer

Open-pollinated medium-early cucumber, with a medium-long cylindrical fruit, vivid green color. A ve..


Cucumber Seeds, Marketmore

This wonderful 'slicer' cucumber has long been a standard for the market grower and a favorite of th..


Cucumber Seeds, Mercury F1 Hybrid

Mercury is a wonderful Beit Alpha type hybrid. Exceptionally early and productive, and good multi-v..


Cucumber Seeds, Olympian F1 Hybrid

Olympian is a Marketmore-type mid-season hybrid, with very strong, consistent production of dark-gre..


Cucumber Seeds, Paris Pickling

Cornichon type popular in France and the Paris open markets. The "creme de la creme" of picklers and..


Cucumber Seeds, Paska F1 Hybrid ORGANIC

This is a terrific dual-use cucumber, medium in size, great for fresh slicing or home-made 'bread-n-..


Cucumber Seeds, Sagro F1 Hybrid

Sagro is a proven performing cucumber in both field and under glass. Very highly productive and ear..


Cucumber Seeds, Sensation (Verde Ortolani)

Known as a standard fresh slicing cucumber found in European open markets, this is a select strain, ..


Cucumber Seeds, Serpent - Dark Green (Metki Type)

This Metki Serpent Melon type of Cucumber is almost the same color as typical green cucumbers, but s..


Cucumber Seeds, Serpent - Painted (Metki Type) ORGANIC

This Metki Serpent Melon type of Cucumber is the most requested in the farmers markets because of it..