Vegetable Seed

Vegetable Seed

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Chicory Seeds, Pan di Zucchero

Excellent 'sugar loaf' variety with a head raised about 40cm., delicate light green leaves. The den..


Chicory Seeds, Red Grumolo

This is a hard to find red leaved grumolo, great used by itself or to add interest and color when mi..


Chicory Seeds, Spadona da Taglio

Excellent Italian chicory with very long, hardy leaves, very tasty and very productive. This is grea..


Chicory Seeds, Trieste Sweet

Italian chicory for cutting, with light green, rounded leaves, very tender, suitable for sowing clos..


Chicory Seeds, Variegata Di Castelfranco

This beautiful chicory has a robust head and rounded leaves, which when forced take on beautiful red..


Chicory Seeds, Wild White Stem

Wonderful original wild chicory. A very hard to find variety from Italy, more pungent in flavor than..


Chinese Cabbage Seeds, Kasumi F1 Hybrid

The finest hybrid of the Napa type cabbages. Best tolerance to bolting of any Napa type we know of. ..


Chinese Cabbage Seeds, Michihili

Classic tall light green and white heads. A must for many Asian dishes, but the nice texture and fl..


Cilantro Seeds, American Slo-Bolting

This Cilantro/Coriander is more heat-resistant and slower to bolt than standard varieties, holding a..


Cipollini Onion Seeds, Bianco Di Maggio

Excellent Italian cipollini with solid white flesh and sweet, mild flavor. Classic white cipollini, ..


Cipollini Onion Seeds, Borrettana

This is the ultimate cipollini onion, with the classic button shape and beautiful translucent yellow..


Cipollini Onion Seeds, Piatta di Bergamo

With beautiful red-pink shading, Bergamo is a terrific little red pickler, and suitable for short fr..


Cipollini Onion Seeds, Pompei

Pompeii is a wonderful Italian flat cipollini, extra-early, and a real harbinger of Spring. Excellen..


Climbing Pea Seeds, Rondo

This variety of pea is of exceptional productivity, average height (about 2 ft/70cm) which can also ..


Climbing Pea Seeds, Telephone

Telephone is a terrific heirloom pea. A mid-late season, heavy producer on strong climbing 'vines', ..