Vegetable Seed

Vegetable Seed

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Pea Seeds, Television

Television is a fine heirloom Pea introduced in 1955 by Vilmorin Seed Co. It is noted particularly f..


Agretti Seeds

Agretti or Italian Saltbush is the latest rage in the high-end restaurants. In Italy it grows near t..


Amaranth Seeds, All Red Leaf

Amaranth has roots in Asian, Chinese, Mediterranean, and Native American cuisine and culture. This ..


Artichoke Seeds, Green Globe

Most common artichoke cultivar used in commercial production, especially in the U.S., with sharp spi..


Artichoke Seeds, Opera F1 Hybrid

Another great breakthrough artichoke, Opera comes from the same breeding that produced Concerto and ..


Artichoke Seeds, Romanesco

Heirloom Italian variety well known for plants that produce good yields of very large and very flavo..


Artichoke Seeds, Violetto Chioggia

We grow this on our farm to sell both Artichokes for eating and mature "flowers". We can heartily re..


Arugula Seeds, Rocket Salat

A refined Italian strain of arugula for quick growth. Great for the gourmet cook, the market grower,..


Arugula Seeds, Wild

Authentic, wild arugula for adding that extra peppery flavor to salads. Much more pungent flavor and..


Arugula Seeds, Wild Olive Leaf

Rarely seen here in the US, this form of wild arugula is terrific as an accent for lettuce and other..


Arugula Seeds, Wild ORGANIC

The leaves on this special organic selection of wild arugula have a special flavor more intense than..


Asparagus Bean Seeds, Bacello

A top-notch, red-seeded strain of the famous 'yard-long' beans. Vigorous and easy to grow, these pla..


Asparagus Bean Seeds, Mosaic

This variety of asparagus bean has purple, red and green colors creating a mottled or 'mosaic' patte..


Asparagus Bean Seeds, Red Noodle

This is an exceptional red variety of asparagus bean. Edible pods are dark green when cooked, tender..


Asparagus Seeds, Argenteuil

An heirloom French asparagus dating back to the 1700's that is quite early yet with very large spear..