Flower Seed

Flower Seed

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Forget-Me-Not Seeds

Very well-known plant 14 inches/40cm tall, easily cultivated, graceful for its long spring blooming ..


Foxglove Seeds, Excelsior Mix

Tall, biennial plant, in the first year it develops a large tuft of leaves, in the second year it se..


Gazania Seeds, Treasure Flower Mix

Although this South African native is a perennial in warm climates (zones 8-10), for most of us this..


Godetia Seeds, Mix

Godetia produces spikes growing from its base with richly colored, chalice-shaped flowers. They make..


Gourd Seeds, Bottle or Birdhouse

Very popular for home and market crafting, this large gourd has great multi-purpose fruit usable for..


Gourd Seeds, Large Ornamentals Mix

A fine selection of larger ornamental gourd types in a wide array of shapes and colors, for home or ..


Gourd Seeds, Small Ornamentals Mix

These are the original "Calabacitas de ardorno" as grown and used throughout Spain for various craft..


Gourd Seeds, Speckled Swan

Speckled Swan Gourds are a dramatic Green striped Gourd that is useful for crafts and decoration. It..


Gourd Seeds, Weird Warted Pro Mix

With a fantastic array of shapes, patterns, and colors, this wildly warted gourd mix is great fun fo..


Hollyhock Seeds, Tall Doubles Mix

An old-fashioned favorite that is a must for the back of any sunny garden. Very tall, as high as 6 f..


Honesty/Money Plant Seeds

With its varying names (kind of seems like a contradiction in terms, doesn't it?), this ornamental p..


Japanese Flower Garden Seed Mix

This is a wonderful mix of flowers selected to give a nice range of color over a long period, giving..


Kochia Seeds, Burning Bush

Kochia is an unusual annual plant in a cylindrical cone shape, 2 to 4 feet/70-130cm tall, the dense ..


Larkspur Seeds, Bouquet Mix

Produces numerous many-branched stems with dense floral spikes. This 2-3 foot (60-100cm) tall southe..